We have been in the trading post business since 1990. Since then our products have become a worldwide endeavor. We do our best to bring  quality and value to our customers.Hopefully it will show in our products and service.

Our retail operations are in Idaho where we started out. Now, we do several shows. You will always find us at Quartzsite in January, Tucson in February, and Roundtop, Texas in April.We have a vast wholesale network from the reservations in New Mexico and Arizona to countries around the world. We import traditional beads and supplies from India, carvings from Indonesia, and pottery and ironwork from Mexico just to name a few. Our antler, rawhide and leather is bought at our trading posts in Idaho and used in our products, so you are assured of quality materials in the items we make ourselves. We supply trading posts and stores throughout the US. We could go on and on, but you probably came here to see our collection. ENJOY!!

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